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Who We Are

biomedical equipment repairBioMedical Solutions, Inc. provides a convenient, economical alternative to high-priced original equipment manufacturers. We specialize in biomedical equipment repair, preventive maintenance, and performance assurance testing. We will customize a biomedical equipment management program to reach cost and performance goals as they relate to the client’s individual equipment. We will work within your budget while assuring compliance and quality of service.  Computerized documentation of all work performed is provided, which exceeds applicable healthcare regulatory agencies’ requirements.

BioMedical Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing a professional attitude, strong work ethic, the utmost respect, and responsive, friendly client service. We will provide comprehensive and dynamic service to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and clients. To act as partners, with the goal to provide quality and safe healthcare for all who require it, we feel it is our privilege to work with health care providers and emergency services.  We serve our clients, not only in our hometown of Shepherd, but throughout the state of Michigan.  Feel free to browse through the services that we offer to see if we can meet the needs of your medical facility. 

What We Do

BioMedical Solutions, Inc. was established to provide on site services for hospitals, clinics, ambulance companies, fire departments and others; in the areas of preventive maintenance, electrical safety, maintenance assurance contracts, comprehensive biomedical equipment agreements, and repair services.  Our company tests, inspects, and installs biomedical equipment and systems, as well as performs corrective and preventative maintenance, electrical safety, and acceptance inspections.
Biomedical Solutions, Inc. strives not only to meet the various healthcare regulatory agencies’ requirements but also to exceed them by simultaneously providing services in the most professional, economic, and safe manner possible for all of our customers and clients. We believe every healthcare facility or provider should have in place a biomedical equipment maintenance and management program to access and control the clinical and physical risks associated with the use of biomedical equipment, regardless of ownership.

BioMedical Solutions, Inc strives to provide a high standard
We have worked hard since 2002 to provide affordable Biomedical repair solutions!